Colorado Water

In Denver on October 31, 2011 by Todd Cardon Tagged: , , ,

Colorado Water is like nectar from the gods. It is so pure and so sweet; it literally is Colorado’s finest. The Rocky Mountains make it easy access and first come first serve when it comes to the states water. You turn on the faucet in July and August and yet, the water is still so cold and so fresh.

If you think about it, the entire southwest is supported by the Colorado River. By the time it gets down to Arizona, have a taste of the tap water, I dare you! It tastes like you’ve just taken a drink out of a swamp! Basically like dirt, at least that was the impression I gathered in Arizona.

The east coast such as Virginia and the Midwest like Tennessee have had older water pipes. Occasionally, when you turn on the tap, rusty black comes out of the faucet. Who wants to drink that? If you visit Idaho, their water is filled with so many minerals that you would be getting kidney stones by the time you turn 30!

No wonder bottled water and filters have become so popular in the past 10-20 years. Except, in Colorado, you don’t need bottled water, unless it’s a personal preference. But it’s definitely not because the water tastes bad.

So next time you think about moving, consider yet another great add to your list of natural conveniences in Colorado.


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