The Denver Zoo

In Denver on November 11, 2011 by Todd Cardon Tagged: , ,

The Denver Zoo basically takes up around 80 acres as of now, but with the new Asian Tropics coming soon, will make it bigger. The Denver Zoo has been open since 1896.

The Denver Zoo has all sorts of coming attractions. Not just with what they already have, but they are in the process of building and entirely new Asian section called “The Asian Tropics.” My favorite animals that they have are the polar bears, the gorillas, they have tigers and the giraffes were amazing to look at also. The famous polar bears, Klondike and Snow were born in 1994 but were eventually sent to SeaWorld.

As we were observing the giraffes, the zoo instructor was saying that there is an entire breeding catalogue that helps keep track of what animal’s breed with who. Basically, the entire zoology community rotates their animals from one zoo to another, making sure that all the animals are bread properly and are healthy.

With 80 acres of zoo to walk through, really takes all day long, that is, if you want to observe most of the animals that are there.

Next time you plan an nice summer activity in Denver, don’t forget The Denver Zoo right around the corner, bring the kids!


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