Park Meadows Mall

In Denver on November 16, 2011 by Todd Cardon Tagged: , ,

Park Meadows Mall is an amazing place. I’d be even bold enough to say that it is the nicest place to shop in the Denver Area.

Now of course you have 16th street mall in downtown Denver and Cherry Creek, they are all amazing. But when we are talking about Park Meadows, we are talking about a place that is full of rich wood, good smells and good looks.

What do I mean by that. It is estimated that this mass structure took a few billion dollars to construct. Inside during the holidays is my favorite. I feel like I am in the most massive log cabin resort in the mountains, drinking my hot chocolate deciding whether I should purchase a nice pair of true religion jeans or not.

My brother in law worked in Franklin Covey and one day Tim Allen was there looking at some planners. My brother in law asked if he could have Tim’s autograph. Tim jokingly said “Well, If I do, what will you give me.” “I’ll give you my autograph,” said my brother in law. They both laughed while Tim Allen signed his life away, just kidding, signed only his autograph.

There are so many options when it comes to food. You have the Cheesecake factory, P.F Changs, and across the street, are The Fox and the Hound.

They have the most massive sporting store, Dick’s Sporting Goods, with a huge rock-climbing wall. Before that store existed, there used to be a massive arcade and movie theater.

It basically is something where you have to see it to believe it, so next time you plan your next family/business trip, be sure to stop by The Park Meadows mall located at:

8401 Park Meadows Center Dr

Lone Tree, CO 80124


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