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Subaru Meets Denver Natives

In Denver on December 8, 2011 by Todd Cardon

If you go anywhere else in the country, you may find certain brands that stand out more than others. If you drive in California, you would typically see people driving BMW’s or Mercedes. If you are in Denver, you will often find the majority driving a Subaru.

You ask yourself, why on earth would someone be driving a Subaru. There are many features that would benefit a Denver Colorado native. First and foremost, they are dependable. They have reasonably good gas millage and if you take good care of them, they will take good care of you and last a very long time.

All Subaru’s automatically have 4-wheel drive. The look and design is completely compatible with its’ environment of rough terrains and steep hills. Any skier or snowboarder will find its’ features very accommodating.

Now I know not everyone drives a Subaru or a BMW, but if you were to go to California, rarely would you see someone cruising around in a Subaru. And I’m not saying that Subaru is the only option for transportation. It is simply a car that stands out from the crowd in certain areas, and for this case, Denver Colorado.



Denver’s Hot Air Balloon Riding Experience

In Denver on December 7, 2011 by Todd Cardon

Once in a while, you can wake up in the morning and look out your window and see hot air balloons soaring in the sky. With their vibrant colors and striking features, It makes you wonder what kind of experience the individuals are having high in the sky.

If you have never had an experience flying in a hot air balloon, this might be your chance to take up that opportunity. Located southwest of Denver, is the Chatfield State Recreation Area, where your riding experience begins.

Typically a ride costs around 195 on the weekdays and $225 on weekends and holidays. Expect the ride from start, to finish to last 3-4 hours. The actual flight usually lasts around an hour.

An interesting aspect for businesses, you are allowed to be sponsors. With a large banner flying in the air to show a vast population in Denver, creates a great opportunity to advertise your product or service that is provided.


Vail Colorado: The Ultimate Outdoor Getaway

In Denver on December 1, 2011 by Todd Cardon

It’s that time of year where you have the urge to dust off that snowboard that has been sitting in your garage all year log or even your skis. Get the polish and wax out because today, were hitting up Vail Colorado!

Vail is famous for it’s monumental ski resorts, surrounded by the magnificent Rocky Mountains. The only desire you have at this point is whip around those trees in pure white powder that has fallen from the sky.

Surprisingly, the population in Vail is only around 5000 but we can live with that, because we all know that this ritzy town is dedicated towards your visiting pleasure, not only with your skis and snowboards, but also the many resorts to choose from during your stay.

A favorite of mine would have to be the Tivoli Lodge. Everything you would need plus more. Vail is unique in that you will never have to worry about this town going out of season. During the summer, there is plenty of horseback riding, whitewater rafting and plenty of touring around this beautiful area.

The next morning when the sun begins to glow through your window, you will never forget the amazing sight and beauty of the valley accompanied with luscious aspens and pine trees.


Luke Jones

In Denver on November 18, 2011 by Todd Cardon

Luke Jones is an individual from Denver who survived at the time, an utter tragedy that became an utter miracle. He is also a cousin of mine.

In the early 80’s, Luke was 18 months old and was hanging out with his mother while she was doing laundry. Whatever was being washed, had to be pretty intense because the water was scolding hot.

Luke’s older siblings were creating quite the ruckus in the other room. In response to the commotion, Luke’s mother went to attend to that event. When she came back in the laundry room, she found Luke face down in the washing machine.

Horrified with the situation, Luke was rushed to the hospital. After carefully testing and going through ER procedures, the doctors promised that if Luke were to survive, he would merely exist as a vegetable, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to hear, see, or talk. With 3rd degree burns, drowning in hot water and trauma to the brain from the beating paddle of the washing machine, created a no win situation for recovery tactics.

This is where the miracle comes in, today if you were to look, talk and listen to Luke, you would have never known that he experienced the amount of trauma that he did. Miraculously there is minimal  injury’s to the brain. The ability to see, hear and sing is enough conviction to know that something superior, beyond capable hands could handle,  spared Lukes life.

During those long months in the hospital, community efforts contributed more than you could imagine to Luke and his family. Luke has inspired thousands of individuals to never give up when life gets tough. One of Lukes favorite lines come from Rocky Balbo, “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. Thats how winning is done!”

Luke has amazing talents and gifts. Here is more information on his website where you can read his full story.


Park Meadows Mall

In Denver on November 16, 2011 by Todd Cardon Tagged: , ,

Park Meadows Mall is an amazing place. I’d be even bold enough to say that it is the nicest place to shop in the Denver Area.

Now of course you have 16th street mall in downtown Denver and Cherry Creek, they are all amazing. But when we are talking about Park Meadows, we are talking about a place that is full of rich wood, good smells and good looks.

What do I mean by that. It is estimated that this mass structure took a few billion dollars to construct. Inside during the holidays is my favorite. I feel like I am in the most massive log cabin resort in the mountains, drinking my hot chocolate deciding whether I should purchase a nice pair of true religion jeans or not.

My brother in law worked in Franklin Covey and one day Tim Allen was there looking at some planners. My brother in law asked if he could have Tim’s autograph. Tim jokingly said “Well, If I do, what will you give me.” “I’ll give you my autograph,” said my brother in law. They both laughed while Tim Allen signed his life away, just kidding, signed only his autograph.

There are so many options when it comes to food. You have the Cheesecake factory, P.F Changs, and across the street, are The Fox and the Hound.

They have the most massive sporting store, Dick’s Sporting Goods, with a huge rock-climbing wall. Before that store existed, there used to be a massive arcade and movie theater.

It basically is something where you have to see it to believe it, so next time you plan your next family/business trip, be sure to stop by The Park Meadows mall located at:

8401 Park Meadows Center Dr

Lone Tree, CO 80124



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My wife’s second love and passion is Chipotle burritos. As soon as I head out the door to go to work and my wife is free to do and go as she pleases, that is typically one of the first places you could find her.

A typical Chipotle burrito is packed full of fresh and healthy ingredients that keep an engine going all day long. A typical burrito contains around 2000 calories of goodness.

I asked my wife where her passion for Chipotle comes from and this is her reply, “The essence of Mexico.” But for real, why do you love Chipotle so much. “Because everything is so fresh. It has the perfect blend of spices. It is completely and utterly satisfying.” That’s great! So after you eat a Chipotle burrito, how does your body feel the rest of the day? “I feel like a Mexican queen.”

Speaking of Mexico, Chipotle ironically got started in Denver in 1993 by Steve Ells. Since then, it has exploded all over the nation and in some parts of the world. In high school, Chipotle would offer a deal that if you came dressed up in tin foil that you would get a free burrito. I think Chic-Fill-A does that as well, if you dress up like a cow, then you get free food.

Anyways, I would highly recommend Chipotle to anyone who has not tried it yet. The burrito will never let you down, all 2000 calories of it.


The Denver Zoo

In Denver on November 11, 2011 by Todd Cardon Tagged: , ,

The Denver Zoo basically takes up around 80 acres as of now, but with the new Asian Tropics coming soon, will make it bigger. The Denver Zoo has been open since 1896.

The Denver Zoo has all sorts of coming attractions. Not just with what they already have, but they are in the process of building and entirely new Asian section called “The Asian Tropics.” My favorite animals that they have are the polar bears, the gorillas, they have tigers and the giraffes were amazing to look at also. The famous polar bears, Klondike and Snow were born in 1994 but were eventually sent to SeaWorld.

As we were observing the giraffes, the zoo instructor was saying that there is an entire breeding catalogue that helps keep track of what animal’s breed with who. Basically, the entire zoology community rotates their animals from one zoo to another, making sure that all the animals are bread properly and are healthy.

With 80 acres of zoo to walk through, really takes all day long, that is, if you want to observe most of the animals that are there.

Next time you plan an nice summer activity in Denver, don’t forget The Denver Zoo right around the corner, bring the kids!