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In Denver on November 14, 2011 by Todd Cardon Tagged: , ,

My wife’s second love and passion is Chipotle burritos. As soon as I head out the door to go to work and my wife is free to do and go as she pleases, that is typically one of the first places you could find her.

A typical Chipotle burrito is packed full of fresh and healthy ingredients that keep an engine going all day long. A typical burrito contains around 2000 calories of goodness.

I asked my wife where her passion for Chipotle comes from and this is her reply, “The essence of Mexico.” But for real, why do you love Chipotle so much. “Because everything is so fresh. It has the perfect blend of spices. It is completely and utterly satisfying.” That’s great! So after you eat a Chipotle burrito, how does your body feel the rest of the day? “I feel like a Mexican queen.”

Speaking of Mexico, Chipotle ironically got started in Denver in 1993 by Steve Ells. Since then, it has exploded all over the nation and in some parts of the world. In high school, Chipotle would offer a deal that if you came dressed up in tin foil that you would get a free burrito. I think Chic-Fill-A does that as well, if you dress up like a cow, then you get free food.

Anyways, I would highly recommend Chipotle to anyone who has not tried it yet. The burrito will never let you down, all 2000 calories of it.